Monday, November 20, 2006

The Beach Boys: "Do It Again"


performed by The Beach Boys:
Al Jardine, Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, & Dennis Wilson

written by Brian Wilson & Mike Love

Do It Again

It's automatic
when I talk to old friends,
the conversations
turn to girls we knew
when their hair
was soft and long
and the beach
was the place to go.

The sun-tanned bodies
and waves of sunshine
the California girls
and the beautiful coastline--
warmed up weather,
let's get together and
do it again.

With a girl the lonely sea
looks good in twilight.
Makes your nighttimes
warm and outta sight.

Been so long.
(hey now hey now hey now . . .)

Well I've been thinking
about all the places
we've surfed and danced,
and all the faces
we missed so
let's get back together and
do it again.



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